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Starting a non-dedicated server from the command line
igi2 [port<port>] player<name> server level<level>


igi2.exe playerTom server level03

Starts a server at level03 with a player called Tom.
This server will connect to the port specified in the 
server options menu the last time this menu was edited.

igi2 playerTom server port26004 level05

As above, but this server will connect to port 26004 not to port 26001

Starting a non-dedicated server from game
Start the game, go to Multiplayer option, Select Start Server , Fill the required data and , then click on Start.
But dont forget to change the (Announce on Internet to YES).

Starting a dedicated server from the command line

A dedicated server cannot be started from the menues, it has to be
started from the command line - like this:

igi2 [port<port>] serverdedicated level<level>


igi2 port26001 serverdedicated level05

Valid for both v1.0 or v1.2

And If you want to start dedicated server on 1.2 without any commands, Then  use TYPE # 1

ENter the above coomands in cmd.exe.
Download cmd.exe, and paste it in the PC folder of your game.
cmd.exe == Download

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