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Remote control
[ ]sv rcon("<passwd>"); // Get access to remote control
[*]sv rconpass("<passwd>"); // Change the remote control password
[*]sv rconpass // Display the remote control password
[ ]sv finger // Displays player names, IPs, time online and
// what players have rcon access (*).
Kick and Ban
[*]sv kick <playerID> // kick player playerID
[ ]sv votekick <playerID> // vote for playerID to be kicked from the server.
[*]sv ban <playerID> // ban playerID from server.
[ ]sv listban // list IPs banned.
[*]sv unban <list number> // remove IP from the list of bans, using the wanted IPs position in
// that list as parameter. Run listban to see the IPs list position.
[ ]sv suicide // Die and respawn.
Map Control
[*]sv restartmap // Restarts and initiates the map currently being played.
[ ]sv listmaps // list maps to console showing mapID and map name. All maps in the
// active map cycle are marked [ACTIVE].
[ ]lo activatemap <mapID> // Places the given map into the active map cycle. Must be executed on server.
[ ]lo deactivatemap <mapID> // Removes the given map from the active map cycle if found. Must be executed on server.
[*]sv gotonext // load next map in the active map cycle.
[*]sv gotomap <mapID> // change map to mapID. The mapID is found in the map list.
[ ]sv votemap <mapID> // vote for a map change to the mapID map.
[ ]sv votenext // vote to change map to the next map in the active map cycle.
[ ]sv showvotes // show votes for both kick player and maps.
[*]sv addmoney <amount> // add amount money to all players. Use negative values to deduct money.
[*]sv accounts // list accounts of all players
[*]sv monitor // Call to periodically receive network status information
// from server. Call again to disable.
[*]sv/lo ploss <amount> // add packetloss in parts per thousand. 0 is no loss, 1000 is everything.
[ ]sv/lo timeout <seconds> // time before a non-responding client is kicked from the server,
// and before a client leaves a game with a dead server.
// If set too low, hosts will start to disconnect good games for wrong
// reasons. 20 seconds seems reasonable.
[ ]sv/lo updatestats // show percentages of pos updates sent for the various reasons.
[ ]lo bandwidth <number> // Parameter adjusting the bandwidth usage to and from the local player.
// 0: Infinite bandwidth capacity is assumed.
// 1-1000: From very low bandwidth capacity(1) to very high capacity (1000).
[ ]lo choke <kBps> // On Server: The maximum number of kilobytes per second your server will output.
// If the demand for data is bigger than this choke value, the server will
// skip sending high pri positional data. See fillpercent.
[ ]lo fillpercent <percent> // On Server: This value is just a safety margin for the choke settings. Actual choke
// value used in the system is the choke value set above and then multiplied by fillpercent.
// E.g: choke of 14 and fillpercent of 60 means actual system choke of 14*0.60 = 8.4 (kB/s)
// Simply set fillpercent value to 100 to disable its influence.
[ ]lo smooth <percentage> // Adjusts smoothing of remote players on your screen.
// 100: Best smoothing, worst accuracy of real player location.
// 1: Worst smoothing, best accuracy of real player location.
NOTE: A dedicated server needs to be started from the command line. See MP-README.txt.
lo svname("<name>"); // set name of *your* server (if you are about to run one).
lo svpassword("<password>"); // set password needed to access your server.
lo svport <port> // port number of *your* server (if any).
lo svinterface <interface> // Only used for a server with multiple network cards or modems.
// Specify a number 0,1,2... for the network interface you want the
// server to connect to. If you fail to start a multi-homed server, 
// first set this number very high, then read the output Multiplayer.log.
// It should indicate what interface number is assigned to each interface
// in your system, and you should then be able to specify the 
// correct interface card for your server to use.
lo maxplayers <number> // max number of players allowed on your server.
lo maxspec  <number> // max number of spectators allowed on your server.
lo specmode   <number> // spectator mode - what players you are allowed to spectate:
// 0 - None, 1 - Team mates, 2 - All.
lo spawncost <number> // Amount of cash needed to spawn right after dying *for the attacking team.*
// *For the defending team,* this cost will be 70% of the specified <number>.
lo spawntimer <seconds> // Time for the spawn cost to decrease from the above set value to zero
// (i.e. free spawn).
lo teamdamage <0 | 1> // 1; team damage is on.
lo warmup <0 | 1> // 1; warmup mode enabled.
lo public <0 | 1> // 1; announce existance on Internet master servers. NOTE: A server with this
// option set to 0 will still be accessible to Internet players, but
// these players will need to manually enter the IP and port of the server to join.
lo healthpacks <0 | 1> // 1; healthpacks available.
lo bombtime <seconds> // seconds before an armed bomb detonates.
lo autobalance <0 | 1> // 0; Players are allowed to select any team. 1; Players are assigned.
// to a team to keep team sizes balanced.
lo autokick <seconds> // Kicks an idle player out of the game if he does not move for <seconds>.
// Set to 0 to disable. Minimum (non-null) number of seconds are *30*.
// If autokick is set to 1-29 seconds, 30 seconds will be the actual
// value used.
lo announce("<msg>"); // From server only; Sends a message to all players.
lo forcefirstspec <0 | 1> // Set to 1 to disallow spectating players in 3rd person view - i.e. forcing 1st person view.
lo bombrepostime <seconds> // For levels with a C4 bomb: If the C4 bomb has not been carried by anyone for <seconds> amount
// of time or more, it will be repositioned to the 1st spawn point for the 1st objective.
// Set to 0 to disable this feature.
lo pingmax <ms> // Maximum allowed ping before a player will be disconnected.
lo plossmax <promille> // Maximum allowed packet loss befreoa player will be disconnected.
// Note the promille unit: Use the value 54 when you want to set 5.4%, and so on.
lo idlemax <ms> // On server: Maximum allowed time between any two packets sent from the player before
// disconnected.
// On a client: Maximum allowed time between any two packets sent from the server before
// the local host disconnects from the network game.
lo goutmax <number> // Maximum size of the server's internal send queue to a player before the player is
// disconnected. A small value indicates a restricive server. Usually, this setting
// should be kept at default value.
Money settings on server
lo moneystart <amount> // Amount of money at map start
lo moneycap  <amount> // Max amount of money one can have
lo moneykill <amount> // Amount granted when killing an enemy
lo moneyteamkill <amount> // Amount granted when killing a team mate (use a neg. value to deduct)
lo moneyplayerobjwin <amount> // Amount granted to player who resolves an object.
lo moneyteamobjwin <amount> // Amount granted to team who wins an object
lo moneyteamobjlost <amount> // Amount granted to each player on team who lost the object
lo moneymissionwin <amount> // Amount gratned to each player on team who wins the mission
lo moneymissionlost <amount> // Amount granted to each player on team who lost the mission
Mission settings on server
lo maprounds <rounds> // End current map after this many rounds. Set to 0 to disable this end criterion.
lo maptime <minutes> // End current map after this many minutes. Set to 0 to disable.
lo mapteamscore <score> // End current map when a team has this manu points. Set to 0 to disable.
Local settings
lo playername("<name>"); // Your player name
lo netstats < 0 | 1 > // Show netstats(1) or not(0). With netstats enabled, extended ping data is also available in-game
// on the stats screen.
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